Analyzing MS2 Traffic Count Database System Data in Your Preferred Tools

Easily Analyze TCDS Data in Your Preferred Tools

MS2’s Traffic Count Database System comes with a huge number of reports right out of the box and provides users with the ability to run ad hoc reports.  Sometimes, however, you’d like to use your own tools to run analyses. Examples might include a traffic engineer doing comparative analysis on counts over time or across regions; a statistician at an agency running forecast models tying census data, population, and traffic together; or a traffic group manager tracking count completion and invoicing for an external contractor.

The Backup feature in MS2 Traffic Count Database System (TCDS) provides the mechanism for you to download data and analyze it using your preferred analysis tools. In this guide, we show how to use the Backup feature to pull data from TCDS and analyze it using Business Intelligence and analytics tools that are likely on your laptop today. The same general process can be used in Microsoft Access, in the desktop version of Microsoft’s Power BI or in a data science platform such as Anaconda. In the end, it is less about the tool being used than the answers that can be gained using the rich stores of data in TCDS and readily available business intelligence and data science tools.


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