Traffic Signal Management System


MS2 Traffic Signal Management System (TSMS) helps traffic engineers manage all data elements related to signalized intersections, such as intersection descriptions, signal timing plans, and details related to hardware at signalized intersections. Users can quickly access approach photos and CAD drawings as well as maintain engineering plans. Detailed notes are available in a single, comprehensive web-based portal. Users have the option to export data to Synchro and other simulation models. TSMS integrates with an interactive Google map which allows users to search and visualize intersection attributes.

Why MS2?

See what makes MS2 an industry leader

A cloud-based system providing effective and objective decision-making information

Easy interface for data update, retrieval, reporting, and sharing

Interactive maps for data visualization and spatial analysis

Product Features

Here are some of the many features available

  • Multiple report options
  • Analytical reports
  • Customized report options
  • Multiple data export options
  • Signal description, ID, and jurisdiction
  • Complete signal hardware inventory
  • Existing and historical timing plans
  • Photos from every approach
  • Intersection geometry
  • Interacts with Work Order Tracking System module

System Screenshots