Traffic Crash Location System


MS2 Traffic Crash Location System (TCLS) maps, manages, and analyzes traffic crash data. TCLS links raw crash data to intersection and road segments, so you can use the application to analyze traffic crash patterns to create crash density maps, crash heat maps, and intersection collision diagrams. Crash rates and crash severity rates are automatically calculated by TCLS to aid in identifying problem intersections. Police crash reports can be appended to each record for detailed analysis. Each crash is geocoded on an interactive Google map providing you with a visual assessment of crash locations in your jurisdictions.

Why MS2?

See what makes MS2 an industry leader

Integrates with your state’s database for current data

Interactive map for viewing crash trends and hot spots

Quickly search crash records and locations to find data for studies

Product Features

Here are some of the many features available

  • Interactive map to enable spatial searches in specific neighborhoods and roadways
  • Spatial maps that illustrate crash patterns
  • System-wide or user-defined location reporting
  • Scanned police reports
  • Crash rate calculation and reporting
  • Severity rate calculation and reporting
  • Automated intersection collision diagrams
  • Network Screening functionality
  • Multiple data export options
  • Data can be imported at any frequency providing you with the most up-to-date crash data available for analysis

System Screenshots