Nonmotorized Database System


MS2 Nonmotorized Database System (NMDS) is a web-based mapping and analysis software module that allows traffic engineers and transportation planners to map, manage, analyze, and visualize nonmotorized data collection points within their jurisdictions. Agencies can easily analyze daily and weekly volumes of pedestrians, bicycles, wheelchairs, horseback riders, skateboarders, motorized scooters, and e-bikes, as well as other modes of nonmotorized travel as defined in the FHWA Traffic Monitoring Guide. The interactive map allows easy selection of distinct trails or pathways for analysis.

NMDS supports data imports from a variety of count equipment that capture data from bike lanes, sidewalks, bike paths, trails, and crosswalks. It allows agencies to import data from various counter manufactures like Miovision, Eco-Counter, Q-Free CMU, and Trafx. Manual counts in Microsoft Excel format can also be directly imported to NMDS. The dashboard can be available to the public, allowing users to view system-wide data or navigate to a specific location using the map.

Nonmotorized Data Collection and Monitoring Program Guide

This report describes the increase of nonmotorized traffic data being collected in Michigan and how MS2 Nonmotorized Database System (NMDS) delivers the software solutions necessary for agencies to map, manage, analyze, and visualize nonmotorized data collection points as part of their nonmotorized traffic program.

Click here to download the complete Program Guide and Implementation Plan.

Video: An Introduction to MS2 Nonmotorized Database System

This 3-minute video introduces NMDS and explains how this application can help improve your agency’s nonmotorized traffic program. Click here to view the video.

Why MS2?

See what makes MS2 an industry leader

A comprehensive interface to support short and continuous count data from many commonly used traffic data sources.

Seasonal factors can be generated by each mode of transportation.

MS2 Quality Control engine applies QC filters to data, allowing your data to be as simple or detailed as you want.

Product Features

Here are some of the many features available

  • Unlimited cloud storage
  • Database management
  • Multi-level user access
  • Multiple file import options
  • Multi-search capabilities
  • Customized QC group configurations
  • Customized report options
  • Automated agency backup API
  • FHWA approved export formats
  • Analytical reports
  • Multiple path and mode tracking
  • Travel pattern comparison (Weather)
  • Hourly Count chart display
  • Usage patterns by Year, Month, Day
  • Seasonal Factor management

System Screenshots


Product Extensions

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The Autopolling Extension allows the Transportation Data Management System (TDMS) to automatically connect to field devices, download data, and import data. This means less time spent running and monitoring complex vendor-specific software for each device. Options include Continuous Connect and Daily Download.

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Backup API

MS2 Backup API extension (BA) provides a user-friendly method to export your data in a standard format for use in other applications within your organization, unlocking your data for other business needs.

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Count Scheduler

With thousands of traffic counts to perform annually, MS2's Count Scheduler helps an agency manage the workflow. The status of the counts and the teams can be reviewed at a high-level view through the dashboard. The system’s flexibility allows an agency to organize the counts based on their business rules. An interactive calendar shows the counts assigned to each team member. A map tool allows staff to review the highly aggregated information for the count from due dates to the equipment necessary to perform the count.

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Esri Roads and Highways

Many agencies are looking to Esri Roads and Highways (R & H) to manage their networks. R & H provides tools to track network changes over time and can provide an agency with a central place to store GIS data. MS2 has worked with Esri to design an extension to synchronize GIS and traffic data allowing both TDMS and R & H to focus on what they do best.

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Publication Database

MS2 Publication Database extension provides easy access to agency data with daily updates and customizable features – without having to host the data within the agency’s data center.

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