MS2 Software Extensions

MS2 offers several software extensions that expand the functionality of our software modules. A brief summary of these extensions is provided below. Full details are available on the webpage for each extension.

MS2 Autopolling Extension

MS2 offers an Autopolling extension (AP) which supports the workflow of several MS2 modules to automatically gather data from permanent roadside devices and smart traffic signals. This extension allows you to automatically connect to field devices, download data, and import data into three MS2 modules: MS2 Traffic Count Database System (TCDS), MS2 Turning Movement Count (TMC), and MS2 Nonmotorized Database System (NMDS). This means less time spent running and monitoring complex vendor-specific software for each device. Autopolling extension supports two modes of operation: continuous connect or daily download, depending upon your devices’ capabilities.


MS2 Backup API Extension

MS2 Backup API extension (BA) provides a user-friendly method to export your data in a standard format for other application use within your organization, unlocking your data for other business needs. The Backup API works in addition to the standard Microsoft Access database backup for transferring data from five MS2 modules: MS2 Traffic Count Database System (TCDS), MS2 Turning Movement Count (TMC), MS2 Nonmotorized Database System (NMDS), MS2 Highway Performance Monitoring System (HPMS) and MS2 Traffic Forecast Management System (TFMS). BA provides the data sets from these modules in a platform-agnostic format that is easily understood by virtually any software program.


MS2 Count Scheduler Extension

MS2 Count Scheduler extension (CS) extends the functionality of MS2 Traffic Count Database System (TCDS) and MS2 Nonmotorized Database System (NMDS) to help your agency manage workflow for the thousands of counts you perform each year, based on your business rules. The status of the counts and teams can be monitored through the dashboard. An interactive calendar shows the counts assigned to each team member. A map tool allows staff to review the aggregated information for the count from due dates to the equipment necessary to perform the count. CS tracks counts as they progress through your agency’s annual program. Once the counts are scheduled, they are updated automatically within the system from counts in progress, to data import and processing, to final acceptance.


MS2 Event Response Dashboard Extension

MS2 Event Response Dashboard extension (ERD) extends the functionality of MS2 Traffic Count Database System (TCDS) to show real-time traffic data for locations selected on the ERD map. When your agency determines the need to view real-time traffic volumes and speeds for events such as emergencies along an evacuation route or during a large sporting event, configured devices can be turned on to provide information needed to enable safe travels. ERD location information is displayed on the map as icons. When a location is turned on, the information display can include road, county, located on, speed limit, and a video feed of the location. 


MS2 Field Tool Extension

MS2 Field Tool extension (FT) expands the functionality of MS2 Traffic Count Database System (TCDS) to transpose data from the field count equipment into the system and can be utilized in an online or offline setting. An additional benefit is that FT uses GPS coordinates to establish the location of count equipment. This extension also integrates with MS2 Count Scheduler extension to provide greater flexibility in managing data through the system.


MS2 Publication Database Extension

MS2 Publication Database (PD) is a read-only copy of MS2’s production database containing your agency’s data and is automatically updated nightly. PD is compatible with all MS2 modules. PD works with powerful tools that use Microsoft SQL including but not limited to, PowerBI, Tableau, Amazon QuickSight, Crystal Reports, Domo, Microsoft Excel, and Qlik. You can create new reports and tools and combine them with data from other sources as needed.


MS2 Esri Roads and Highways Extension

MS2 Esri Roads and Highways extension (R&H) extends the functionality of four MS2 modules: MS2 Traffic Count Database System (TCDS), MS2 Turning Movement Count (TMC), MS2 Nonmotorized Database System (NMDS), and MS2 Highway Performance Monitoring System (HPMS).  R&H synchronizes GIS and traffic data to help your agency manage linear referencing system networks. This solution combines the power of MS2 software with Esri ArcGIS Roads and Highways linear referencing system (LRS) and geodatabase to create a comprehensive view of your roadways and traffic data. This extension provides tools to track network changes over time and can provide you with a central place to store GIS data. The integrated solution also permits MS2 to automatically retrieve other current GIS data such as milepoints and geometric and roadway attribute changes along road segments.


MS2 Traffic Viewer

MS2 Traffic Viewer (TV) is a mobile interface for your public Traffic Count Database System (TCDS). TV delivers a simple, easy-to-use view of traffic volumes and AADTs. It is optimized for mobile devices so a shortcut can be saved on your phone for quick access. The Traffic Viewer is included in your TCDS license at no additional cost. If you are at a public meeting and need to quickly find traffic data at a location, you now can do that using the Traffic Viewer. If you’re out in the field on the side of a road and need to see the hourly volumes, you can find your location and the volumes with a quick pinch of your fingers.