The MS2 Team Adds Two

Tuesday, October 24, 2023

MS2 is pleased to announce two new members joining our growing team!



Ben has joined MS2 as a Support Software Engineer. Ben will be working on supporting and enhancing existing features of our traffic software platform.

Ben brings 17 years of full-stack software development experience. Ben has a Master's in Computer Science with specialization in Artificial Intelligence from Wayne State University.

"I am impressed that MS2 goes above and beyond to serve customers, especially with fast support. I am happy to join MS2 and be part of improving traffic, which benefits the daily lives of everyone."



Chris Kussurelis has joined MS2 as a Database Architect.

Chris has nearly 30 years of experience with SQL Server. His experience includes 19 years in database development and administration, 5 years as a Senior Database Administrator, and 7 years as a Technology Manager.

"I am very excited to join the great team at MS2 and will use my extensive business and technical experience to move the products and platforms forward as best I can. The amount of traffic data being sent to MS2 from thousands of devices around the country is astounding and I look forward to helping support and improve these systems to ensure a smooth user experience for our clients."

Chris holds a Bachelor of Business Administration with a focus on Management Information Systems from Eastern Michigan University. Chris is also a Microsoft Certified Professional.


Welcome to the MS2 Team, Ben and Chris!