Why You Should Use Scheduled Reports

Wednesday, July 6, 2022

Do you have a Traffic Count Database System report that you run regularly? Take advantage of our Scheduled Reports feature. You can set up the report to run daily, weekly, or monthly. From the Report Center, instead of running just a single report, you can schedule recurring reports at the same time in the same User Interface.


The Benefits of using Scheduled Reports:

  • Reduces Labor - Just enter your report specifications, specify "on-going" and you are all set. Reports will arrive automatically going forward with no further effort.
  • Consistent and Error-Free - Once you enter your report specifications, that data is saved and used for each future report. No more opportunities to enter incorrect specifications. All reports will have the same specifications, for accurate comparison over time.
  • Regular - No more missed reports and all reports are executed at the same time on the schedule that you choose.
  • Simultaneous - You can have multiple reports scheduled concurrently. Each one runs according to its own schedule that you set.

Scheduled Reports are generated automatically and delivered overnight via email notification. The report type will determine the scheduling frequency and additional insight will be provided as the schedule is created.

Below are the simple steps to using the Report Scheduler feature.


Scheduling Reports

To schedule a report:

1) Perform a location search in TCDS and click the Report Center button.

2) Use the checkbox labeled “Recurring: Yes schedule recurring report generation” to notify the system that the proposed report will be stored for automated scheduling. See Figure 1 for the location of the checkbox.

3) Select the Reports tab and navigate to the desired report.

4) Click the Go button. This will open another interface (Figure 2) to create the schedule for reports.

Figure 1: Scheduled Recurring report selector

Figure 2: Scheduled Recurring Report interface

5) Complete the fields in the Schedule Recurring Report Generation dialog:

6) Click the Save button to create the report schedule. A notification (Figure 3) will be presented to confirm the report has been scheduled.

Figure 3: Report notification

Scheduled Reports are run overnight. You will receive an email notification with links to the PDF, XLS, and CSV versions for each report scheduled.

You can view your scheduled report via the UI. We also offer a report about your agency's reporting; Administrators can see all of the agency’s users with their current scheduled reports. The online help guide includes more details.


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