New MS2 Traffic Viewer

Thursday, April 21, 2022

New MS2 Traffic Viewer

MS2 has released a new mobile interface for your Public TCDS website named Traffic Viewer. Traffic Viewer delivers a simple, easy-to-use view of traffic volumes and AADTs.  It is optimized for mobile devices so a shortcut can be saved on your phone for quick access.  The Traffic Viewer is included in your TCDS license at no additional cost to you.

If you are at a public meeting and need to quickly find a daily total at a location, you now can do that using the Traffic Viewer.  Maybe you are on the side of a road and need to see the hourly volumes, you can find your location and the volumes with a quick pinch of your fingers.


Get Started with Traffic Viewer

If your agency has implemented a PUBLIC version of the MS2 Traffic Count Database System (TCDS), then it will take you less than three minutes to use the Traffic Viewer on your mobile device.

This is all you need to use Traffic Viewer.

  • Web access, and
  • The URL to your agency’s traffic viewer. Here are a couple of URLs that will work…

Note: For your agency name, use the same name that is used for your TCDS URL. For example, the Michigan Department of Transportation’s Public version of their TCDS system is found at Use the browser on your smartphone and simply replace TCDS with TV in that URL, and the mobile Traffic Viewer interface will appear.


Learn more

If you’re an MS2 client, please give Traffic Viewer a try and let us know what you think!  We will continue to enhance the Traffic Viewer based on your feedback.

If you’re not yet an MS2 client and are interested in learning more about our Traffic Count Database System and the other solutions we provide, please contact us.