MS2 New England Traffic Monitoring Peer Exchange

Monday, April 17, 2023

MS2 New England Traffic Monitoring Peer Exchange

MS2 recently hosted our 2nd DOT Peer Exchange in Concord, New Hampshire, which was attended by 25 transportation professionals from 7 different Departments of Transportation and 3 different vendors.

As the market leader for Transportation Data Management Systems in the US, MS2 created the DOT Peer Exchange to bring together neighboring Traffic Data Management experts to share information with their regional Peers.  The topics for this 2-day roundtable-style exchange included:

  • Advancements in Data Collection
  • Coordination with Other Agencies in Your State
  • Data Sharing
  • Nonmotorized – Bike & Ped Data / Micromobility
  • Real-World Experiences with Counters
  • Ask Your Peers.

The event included presentations from each DOT, demonstrations of AI Cameras for Data Collection, and Advancements in Weigh in Motion from vendors.


“This event brought together transportation professionals from across the region to discuss advancements in data collection, contract options, networking, and traffic data management systems. The peer exchange provided an opportunity for participants to share their real-world experiences and best practices for monitoring traffic and non-motorized roadway users, and to explore the latest technologies and techniques for collecting and analyzing traffic data.

The peer exchange also provided an opportunity for participants to receive training on traffic data management systems, including turning movement counts, traffic database systems, and highway performance management systems. Participants shared their experiences with these systems and discussed best practices for training staff, and we are integrating these processes into our operation.”

Stuart Thompson, P.E.
Traffic Monitoring & Research Engineer
NHDOT Bureau of Traffic


We concluded with a half-day MS2 User Training covering Transportation Data Management software modules, building ad hoc reports, and MS2 Autopolling for streamlined data integration.

We look forward to hosting these peer-driven DOT exchanges in different regions to bring more Traffic Data Experts together to share Best Practices!

Would your DOT like to co-host and bring peers from other DOTs to your city? Just let us know and we’ll make it happen.

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