MS2 Manages 1-Billion WIM Vehicle Records

Friday, July 31, 2015

MS2 maps, manages and analyzes WIM data
An example of a WIM data table in MS2’s traffic count database system.

Today, MS2 reached a data management milestone – processing and storing over 1,000,000,000 individual WIM (weigh-in-motion) vehicle records. WIM data is captured by sensors in pavement along state roads. State DOTs use the data to design pavement and bridges and to enforce weight limits.

As software engineers, this is exciting due the size of the database. Big data!

It also shows the flexibility of our enterprise software solution. Along with the billion WIM records managed, MS2 also manages crash data (the State of Michigan crash location database system alone contains over 5.1 million crash records), traffic count data from 12 state DOTs (the Texas DOT application manages over 144,000 traffic count stations), travel time, pavement condition, road sign, and turning movement count data.

For each new transportation agency user MS2 purchases additional storage from Amazon Web Services, our data-cloud management service. No matter how many more DOTs, MPO/COGs or local agencies use MS2’s transportation data management system there is always room for more data.

We’re looking forward to helping our clients manage, map and analyze the next billion traffic data records.

  • Traffic Count Database System
  • Weigh-n-motion data
  • WIM data management