2021 MS2 User Conference Videos

Tuesday, December 7, 2021

This year, MS2 held its Bi-Annual User Conference virtually. We thank everyone who participated, especially our client presenters.

We recorded the sessions and invite everyone to view the following three videos.

Local Data Sharing at MDOT – A Case Study

Michigan DOT's NTFA traffic monitoring program relies heavily on data from local agencies. Leveraging MS2's agency-to-agency tool, MDOT has incorporated a large proportion of their local agency data into MDOT’s TDMS system. Register here to view the video. 


Paperless, Automated Field Work Management at NCDOT – A Case Study

North Carolina DOT automated the process used to manage fieldwork for the collection of traffic counts. This truly paperless solution manages all aspects of scheduling, collecting, and capturing traffic count data in an efficient manner. Register here to view the video. 


Lessons Learned in Collier County, Florida – A Case Study

This presentation is a case study showing how Collier County, Florida is managing their transportation data using MS2 Transportation Data Management System. Content includes the type of data that Collier County manages, the real-world challenges they’ve faced, and what they have learned since 2009. Register here to view the video.


We also invite our current clients to view these additional videos:

New Products, Features, and Technology Since 2019

MS2’s software developers share “what’s new” since the 2019 MS2 User Group conference. Clients: Login to your ZenDesk account to view all the User Conference videos.


Full Network AADT Estimation Using Probe Data – A Case Study

This presentation demonstrates the estimation of Annual Average Daily Traffic (AADT) using two approaches. The estimates can be used to supplement traffic statistics derived from traditional sources. The addition of probe data will bring many benefits to the traffic monitoring programs, including more objective traffic segmentation and more accurate HPMS traffic reporting. Clients: Login to your ZenDesk account to view all the User Conference videos.


If you’d like to discuss the content covered in these videos or to learn more about our Transportation Data Management System, please contact us