As a public sector traffic engineer or planner you need an efficient way to manage traffic count data. MS2’s web-based solution is a highly effective way to help you centrally manage and analyze lots of traffic count data.

Tom Bruff

Plan Policy Group Leader

Southeast Michigan Council of Governments -- Detroit, Michigan

(MS2’s software) saves time on data input which frees up personnel to do other tasks. The ability to post information on our website is a great benefit and has considerably reduced time spent responding to requests.

Mike Goryl

Traffic Engineer

Livingston County Road Commission -- Howell, Michigan

I wanted to let you know how much I have appreciated your help with some of the issues our counting partners have had, and other issues we have encountered. You have been very quick to respond and we thank you for that.

Marcia Gustafson

Traffic Statistics Section

Indiana Department of Transportation -- Indianapolis, Indiana

I have been very pleased with MS2’s rapid response to meeting our need and to our on-going requests to create customized reports and graphs for our customers.

Becky Duke

Supervisor, Traffic Data Collection and Analysis

Montana Department of Transportation -- Helena, Montana

OMG. That is amazing! You have no idea how much better that (traffic count database system) is for me. Thank you so much for your incredible customer service.

Michael Simon

Traffic Data Analyst

King County -- Seattle, Washington

MS2 had a great project management team while the entire project was tracked in Basecamp. MS2 kept the project going when NMDOT had some staffing shortages.

Yolanda M. Duran

Chief, Data Management Bureau

New Mexico Department of Transportation -- Santa Fe, New Mexico

We have been using Midwestern Software Solutions (MS2) system since 2007. Before that, we had a comprehensive in-house database but had to spend a lot of staff time in responding to count requests from the public. By making the data available to the public this online system has saved a lot of staff time. The system is flexible and you can import counts to the system in various formats (raw counts from different counters, Excel spreadsheets, and customized format) through a QA/QC procedure (you can define it). It was very smooth for us to export all the data in our old database to this new system.

Zhuojun Jiang

Ph.D., P.E., Transportation Engineer/Modeler

Mid-Ohio Regional Planning Commission -- Columbus, Ohio

I wanted to let you know that in my years of work towards attempts for a successful STARS system, that MS2 started out almost as a pipe dream when I met you guys at the conference. MS2 made history in TPP [Transportation Planning and Programming] breaking all the rules for the (cloud based product, out of state support, external servers) etc… which has (for me) truly turned into a refreshing reality for the traffic analysis branch over and beyond anything I had originally expected after 2 previous attempts with other vendors. I am so glad we ended up with a quality product with you guys. I am sure that my co-workers are going to be in good hands with STARS II and MS2 going forward. It’s been my pleasure working with ya’ll.

Paul George

System Analyst (Retired), Transportation Planning and Programming

Texas Department of Transportation -- Austin, Texas

I want to thank your staff – this year’s HPMS submittal was the least stressful we’ve had in the 12 years I’ve been in Traffic! Having the MPO counts processed prior to January 1st allowed us to begin the year-end process weeks earlier than in the past. We were ahead of schedule and were able to get everything completed, reviewed and submitted with time to spare. Tell your staff thanks and that I look forward to further streamlining our year-end process as staff becomes more familiar with the HPMS module/process.

Becky Duke

Supervisor, Traffic Data Collection & Analysis

Montana Department of Transportation -- Helena, Montana

MS2 has an outstanding group of professionals assigned to their projects.

Yolanda M. Duran

Chief, Data Management Bureau

New Mexico Department of Transportation -- Santa Fe, New Mexico

Thank you and your company for your continued good work for our agency.

Gregory Katter

Traffic Statistics Supervisor

Indiana Department of Transportation -- Indianapolis, Indiana

We are loving the MS2 product!

Gary Kirchknopf

Senior Project Manager

City of Hamilton -- Ontario, Canada

I am very pleased with your customer service. That means a lot to me. You are very responsive and helpful. I see a lot of benefits with your product and the best is that we now have more accurate traffic count data.

Laura Carter


Brevard County Space Coast TPO -- Titusville, Florida

I highly recommend MS2 because they are very service-oriented. Their customer service is excellent. MS2 is an invaluable vendor to us and helps us manage a great deal of data accurately and efficiently. Their data management service and their HPMS reporting task have proven to be very cost effective by freeing our limited Traffic Data Collection staff to accomplish other tasks in a timelier manner.

William Mitchell

Statewide Supervisor (Retired), Traffic Data Collection Section Highway Division

Massachusetts Department of Transportation -- Boston, Massachusetts

In the wake of the I35W bridge collapse, this has become a very handy tool. People who are seeing it for the first time are really impressed. Luckily, we had finished a bunch of counts in the bridge area before it fell down. That has become extremely useful for planning and detouring and adding new lanes. Pass along our thanks to all.

Jim Dahlseid

Engineer, Traffic and Parking Services Division

City of Minneapolis -- Minneapolis, Minnesota